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In the course of its plantation and milling operations, the Group takes appropriate measures to ensure that regulatory environmental requirements are complied with, particularly in respect of treatment of effluents. In the plantation, environmentally friendly practices such as field application of empty fruit bunches ("EFB") to enhance soil fertility and organic matter are implemented. Significant progress has been made in the production of bio-fertilizers and compost from EFB recovered from the oil mill at Kota Tinggi. The Group will continue to maximize the utilisation of waste and co-products.

The Group plans to harness biogas for steam and electricity generation. Improvement in anaerobic digestion system for treatment of palm oil mill effluent and harnessing biogas would eliminate the emission of methane, a greenhouse gas from the effluent ponds. The Group is undertaking this project under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Proctocol.
The Group’s principal activities comprise investment holding, cultivation of oil palm, processing of oil palm fresh fruit bunches and marketing of oil palm products, processing of oil palm fibre and biogas and power generation. These businesses are streamlined into two (2) main segments, namely plantation operations and palm oil milling operations. As a responsible corporate citizen, the Group is mindful of the need to have, and supports, a growth strategy that incorporates sustainable development and management of economic, environmental and social risks and opportunities, based on a foundation of considering the impact of the Group’s business endeavours on the economic conditions of its stakeholders (“Economic”), on living and non-living natural systems (“Environmental”) and on the social system (“Social”), taking into consideration the salient concerns of the Group’s key stakeholders.
The Group has established a Risk Management and Sustainability Committee (“RMSC”), helmed by the Board Chairman with the Managing Director and other Executive Directors of the Company as well as Heads of Business Unit of the Group as Committee members. The RMSC, which assists and reports directly to the Board on risk management and sustainability matters faced by the Group, is supported by a working group comprising the Managing Director and other Executive Directors, Heads of Business Unit and key Management staff. The working group is involved in the identification of Material Sustainability Matters (MSMs), including how MSMs are managed, which are deliberated at the RMSC, monitored and the outcome thereof disseminated to the Board for notification and comments, as the case may be.

Sustainability Policy 


Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil ("MSPO")

  • All the seven (7) plantations and three (3) palm oil mills under the Group have passed the MSPO audit and have obtained MSPO certification.

International Sustainability and Carbon Certification ("ISCC")

  • All the three (3) palm oil mills and two (2) palm-pressed fibre solvent plants under the Group have passed the ISCC audit and have obtained ISCC certification.

Italian National Scheme Accrediation ("INS")

  • All the three (3) palm oil mills under the Group have passed the INS audit and have obtained INS certification.
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